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The life story (and mysterious ending) of a Collingwood-built barge

Collingwood shipyards sent just one vessel into service in 1915, and this barge was it.
The M&F Hopper Barge No. 2 being launched at Collingwood Shipyards on June 19, 1915. Huron Institute No. 19, Collingwood Museum Collection X974.622.1

In this week's Remember This photo is the launch of the M&F Hopper Barge No.2 on June 19, 1915. 

This Hopper barge was built for the Department of Marine and Fisheries to work in the lower reaches of the St. Lawrence.

The M&F Hopper Barge No.2 was the only vessel from Collingwood to go into service in 1915. It was later transferred to the Ministry of Railways and Canals, and sailed to Port Nelson, Manitoba, on September 10, 1927. There the Hopper barge worked in the harbour of Churchill, Manitoba, and in 1931 its name was changed to DM Hopper Barge No.2. No dates are certain, but the vessel was owned by the Department of Transport, the National Harbours Board, and Marine Industries Limited. What happened to the DM Hopper Barge No.2 is a mystery. It was dropped from the Canadian List of Shipping in 1962, quite possibly scrapped by its last owner.

Remember This is a weekly series of historic photographs submitted by the Collingwood Museum to These photographs were originally collected and documented by the Huron Institute in an historical catalogue entitled Huron Institute Paper and Records: Volume III. Much of Collingwood’s early history has been preserved due to the dedication and foresight of the early museum’s founders, namely its secretary-curator David Williams, upon its establishment in 1904.