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Police investigate reported incident at Ardagh Bluffs involving sounds of crying baby

'We looked into the claim and can say that we could not locate anything that matched what the young ladies said they heard,' says police official

City police say they found no evidence of anything nefarious after two young females reported hearing what was believed to be recorded sounds of a crying baby in a south-end wooded area on the weekend. 

On Sunday evening, Barrie police were made aware of the unusual incident that had reportedly taken place in Ardagh Bluffs between Eaglestone Lane and Cumming Drive. 

The incident involved what was believed to have been a recording of a baby crying that was heard by two young females who were walking a dog in the wooded area.

Later that evening, they told police that as they exited the trail onto Cumming Drive at approximately 5 p.m., a silver-coloured car being driven by an unknown male went past the females. The driver waved, continued to travel along the road; there was no communication between the females and the driver, police say.

The incident was reported to police shortly after 7 p.m., Sunday, and immediate patrols of the area were made. However, the responding officer was unable to locate the involved motor vehicle and the crying sounds that had been reported were not heard.

Barrie police communications co-ordinator Peter Leon told BarrieToday there does not appear to be any danger to the public.

“We looked into the claim and can say that we could not locate anything that matched what the young ladies said they heard,” Leon said. “As for the vehicle, there was no conversation, no exchange of words, which would lead us to think there was any danger to anyone.”

A social-media post stated such tactics are used by sex traffickers to lure victims into an area.

“As with any situation like this, we checked with our human trafficking unit, who are obviously very knowledgeable in these types of things,” he said. “There is no evidence to suggest that this tactic has been used in the past to lure potential victims of human trafficking.”

Leon did say the incident is a perfect time to remind people of two things that are useful going forward.

“We want everyone to not panic when they read something online, but rather get all the information you need,” he said.

“As well, and more importantly, if ever someone is uncomfortable in any situation and believes there may be a danger to the community or themselves, let us know," Leon added. "We will let you know all the information we need and will fully investigate it so we can assure the public if there is danger or not.”