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LETTER: Homeless in Collingwood should be more concerning

Letter writer sees complaints about 12-storey building potential, but not outrage over people living in tents in Collingwood
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I read lately about the complaints of 12-storey buildings and being vexed over new developments.

What I am not seeing is the outrage that people in Collingwood are homeless and living in temporary shelters and tents without running water or electricity or heating or air conditioning. They live along the Raglan trail covered in the dense overgrowth or they live behind the old Goodyear plant, or they live in Black Ash or behind Walmart in the dense bushes behind it.

It is so sad to see baby boomers and rich millennials complaining about white paint on historic homes or flying choppers from the airport to Blue or wherever and no one piping up about Collingwood's massive homeless problem.

We only have a women's shelter in town. What about the men in this town who are constantly harassed, when they just need a bed and roof over their heads and a job? 

Come on, Collingwood. We have gone from a family-oriented small town to a booming town that caters to the rich and the Airbnb crowd. Where did Collingwood's dignity go?

Vince Farina
Collingwood, ON