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LETTER: Complaint against Comi not about confidentiality, says resident

'It's appalling to me that the integrity commissioner would have even proceeded with this ludicrous accusation,' says letter writer
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CollingwoodToday welcomes letters to the editor, they can be sent to Please include your full name, and address and phone number for verification. The following letter is in response an earlier published story entitled: Integrity commissioner finds Comi breached confidentiality clause in code of conduct



The recent finding of the integrity commissioner against former councillor Tina Comi appears to be more about freedom of speech and members of council disliking what Comi said.            

Having sat through the July 19 on-camera Zoom meeting of town council, where the said complaint originally transpired, it's appalling to me that the integrity commissioner would have even proceeded with this ludicrous accusation.

Quite obviously, on-camera another council member had someone enter the room. There were no ramifications for him, nothing said. Who is to say someone is not sitting outside every member's room observing the meeting, if that’s what this issue is really about? 

Also, Councillor Comi’s son entered during the training session part of that meeting, which the principles and integrity constituted it as no more than a technical breach. 

The integrity commissioner ruled Comi breached the code of conduct in their final report. They commented Comi's response "what is a parent to do" regarding her son's entrance into the room was "sarcastic, unnecessary and dismissive." Is it about confidentiality or behaviour?

The training taking place at the time was for how to handle this exact situation of in-camera meetings.

The matter was more about Comi's response than her son entering the room. Collingwood has lost a valuable member of council. 

Ironic? Maybe the irony here is whose integrity is really in question?

Sharon Bailey 
Collingwood, ON