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LETTER: Collingwood homeowner asks county to re-think garbage carts

'This is a bureaucratic, inadequately-studied, industrial-sized solution for an urban problem,' writes Paulette Dennis
2021-05-13 AutoCollect JO-003
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Has anyone in administration heard or listened to the outcry about these huge bins that have been delivered to our lovely city of Collingwood?

The whole town will suffer, but the area that I live in is in total melt-down!

We live in a condominium development that is (or has been up to now) beautiful, but our lots are very small, our driveways are very short, our garages are small, barely accommodating a regular-sized SUV.

And our rules are very strict: ‘no clutter outside the residence or left on driveways’.

We are small families. Sometimes we have visitors on holiday weekends, or fun street parties that infrequently produce an unusually large output of waste, but during COVID these events have been fewer. On normal days the smaller-sized bins were quite adequate.

There are several creative ways of thinking about another solution such as:

  • Could another design be considered for the industrial-sized bins that is compatible with the collection machinery?
    • such as a compartmentalized container;
    • smaller bins that could have fold-out ‘wings’ that could be opened to accommodate the lift mechanisms;
    • registered ‘community’ bins allocated to three families per pod who would take one container each into their garage, put each of the bins out on the collection mornings and each household in the pod would distribute their appropriate contribution.

I have heard many people say, ‘We just won’t bother with composting or recycling. We’ll just throw it all in the garbage bin!’

This will undo 20 years of effort to reduce waste going to landfill. Surely, this is not the aim of the big bins?

Please! Please! Please! Rethink this policy.

I have stated before, but will say it again, that this is a bureaucratic, inadequately-studied, industrial-sized solution for an urban problem.

Save the bins for apartments or factories and give us back an urban solution.

Paulette Dennis

Erika Engel

About the Author: Erika Engel

Erika regularly covers all things news in Collingwood as a reporter, photographer and community editor. She has 12 years of experience as a local journalist.
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