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Students choose Nunn for Simcoe-Grey

NDP candidate elected in Student Vote
2022-05-20 Nunn(1)
Ontario NDP candidate Keith Nunn

Students in Simcoe-Grey have opted for an NDP MPP.

Student Vote Ontario, a program of CIVIX, sees elementary and secondary school students cast ballots for candidates in their schools’ electoral districts.

The results for Simcoe-Grey are as follows:

  • Keith Nunn (NDP): 515 (24.8 per cent)
  • Allan Kuhn (Green): 450 (21.67 per cent)
  • Brian Saunderson (PC): 359 (17.28 per cent)
  • Ted Crysler (Liberal): 351 (16.9 per cent)
  • Billy Gordon (None of the Above Party): 158 (7.61 per cent)
  • David Ghobrial (New Blue): 157 (7.56 per cent)
  • Rodney Sacrey (Ontario Party): 87 (4.19 per cent)