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New farmers' market proposed near Feversham

Farmers' market proponent says operation will employ five people when it opens

There were no objections at a public meeting to consider a planning application for a new farmers' market near Feversham.

Grey Highlands council held the public meeting for the application on July 24. The proposed new market would be on a property located at County Roads 2 and 31, just north of Feversham. The property was formerly used to process firewood.

The proposal would see a new permanent barn-like structure built to house the market, which would include a butcher shop, bakery and mercantile area.

Zoning and official plan amendments are required to recognize the new farmers' market use and rescind the former firewood processing use. The amendments also recognize a 46-metre setback, which is slightly less than the 55 metres required.

“The proposed farmers' market will sell locally produced food for farmers,” said Kristine Loft, the planner representing the proponents of the application. “The applicants are looking forward to working with staff on this endeavour that contributes greatly to the Municipality of Grey Highlands agricultural community.”

Mayor Paul McQueen said he had recently visited the Misty Meadows Market near Conn and asked if this proposal was something along the lines of that market.

“It certainly was busy,” he said.

Loft said that was the general idea.

“I’d say it’s very similar,” she said.

Proponent Sandy Gott also spoke to council briefly about the proposal and said it would be a job creator for the local area.

“We anticipate we would employ a good five people in terms of running this operation,” said Gott, adding that the operation would require a skilled baker and butcher.

The application did not generate any public opposition. Local resident James Forest asked about the driveway entrance coming onto County Road 31. He noted that there is a hill in that area and asked if the heavy truck traffic using that route had been taken into consideration.

Loft said they have held meetings with staff of Grey County about the driveway and have made an application for an entrance permit. A traffic study has been completed, along with a grading plan and a site plan and she said neither the county or the consultants for the proponents had indicated any concerns about truck traffic.

“We believe the county generally supports (the application),” said Loft.

Council made no decision on the application at the public meeting. The proposal will come to council at a later date for a final decision.

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