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The rise of the motorized window coverings in Canadian homes

Sudbury business has something to fit just about any window and budget

When it comes to window fittings for your new home, the thought of choosing the best product can be a real “pane.”

Today, there are far more options than there ever has been when it comes to covering your windows. The choices are almost limitless, and the fact Canadians no longer have access to exposed chain or cord options means motorized window coverings are fast becoming the norm.

Kirstyn Kramp, owner and operator of Simply Blinds in Sudbury, said her store can accommodate any order for motorized window coverings.

“When building or buying a new home, we can appreciate that window coverings tend to be an afterthought, and that can influence being able to purchase the operation or style of window covering you would like,” said Kramp.

Start thinking about window coverings earlier in the process, she said. If you plan on having motorization, or if you have high windows that will require motorization, plan so the electrical process can be completed during the building process.

When it comes to motorization, there are several options available. Hard-wired motorized blinds are ideal, because then you never have to climb to the top of your shade to charge it, the way you would if you installed rechargeable blinds instead.

Hard-wired motorized window treatments aren't necessarily a good option for those who have already been living in their home for years, unless they are doing an extensive renovation, said Kramp. That's because of the electrical work that needs to be done before installation.

The alternative to hard-wired motorized blinds is rechargeable blinds, said Kramp. Like a smartphone, these blinds need to be recharged. The battery life in rechargeable motors typically last four to eight months or one to two years, depending on usage and brand of the motor.

“The issue there is, if you have a really high window, it requires you to climb up on a ladder to reach the charging port,” Kramp said. “It's not an ideal situation for seniors, for example, but recharging the motor is very easy and is just like charging your smart phone.”

There are also various options on how you operate your blinds. Some of the more economical options are equipped with an attached “wand” with simple up-and-down arrows, while others are operated via a remote from anywhere in the house. Others can be operated via your cellphone from a beach in the Bahamas, Kramp said.

“Turning your window coverings into smart blinds sounds fascinating, but it comes with an increased price tag,” she said. “It's more expensive up front, but there are options to link every blind in your house to your phone. You can also schedule your blinds to open and close at specific times while you're away.”

Kramp said many people don't realize the cost of window coverings, and they are often surprised.

“It can be a bit of a shock,” she said.

A typical three-bedroom house equipped with manual shades would cost between $3,000 and $5,000. For motorized window fittings, you're looking more in the range of $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the bells and whistles.

“These are custom window coverings made to fit your window,” she said. “You can get shades just about anywhere, but most are prefabricated with very specific measurements and are often made in China.”

Simply Blinds window treatments, on the other hand, are all custom made in North America. Futhermore, by getting your window fittings custom made and installed, they are guaranteed to fit your windows perfectly, and you won't be left with one- or two-inch gaps on either side, she said.

“Every customer is unique, and every order is custom made to fit our client’s need and wants within their budget,” said Kramp. “And if our blinds don't fit, it is our responsibility to fix that. You're not just getting the blinds; you're getting the service and guarantees that come with them.”

Simply Blinds was founded in 2018 in Southern Georgian Bay, Collingwood, and the surrounding areas. In 2021, the business expanded to the Greater Sudbury area.

“Whatever your needs, Simply Blinds is here to help you determine the best customized options that work for you,” said Kramp.

Call us today for a complimentary in-home consultation.”