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Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson on banning cell phones in the classroom

Like anything, there is a time and place for cellphone use.  And the classroom is not one of them. 

This article has been provided by the office MPP Brian Saunderson.  

Imagine what school would have been like if we had one. 

Imagine the videos we would have taken, the photos we would have shared and the messages we would have sent. 

I often hear people say, “Imagine what school would have been like if we had cellphones back then.” 

I’m certain they would have had a significant impact on our school years. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think cell phones are a great tool, there’s no question about that. 

Technology has made our world much smaller.  

Connecting with kids, family, and friends near and far has been one of the many benefits of cellphones. 

When it comes to parenting, we know some teens even prefer texting instead of talking. 

However, like anything, there is a time and place for cellphone use.  

And the classroom is not one of them. 


We’ve heard from teachers and parents. And we’re listening. 

That’s why our government is introducing measures to crack down on cellphone use and vaping in schools. 

The new rules will go into effect this September.  


Students in kindergarten to Grade 6 will be asked to keep their phones on silent and out of sight for the entire day, unless permitted by an educator. 

For parents, School boards will be required to notify moms and dads annually on the restrictions and requirements for student cellphone use and the consequences for non-compliance. 

There will be a commitment to have report cards include comments on students’ distraction levels in class. 

Every school will have uniform policy to have cellphones on silent and removed from sight at the beginning of instructional time – the new default unless explicitly directed by the educator. 

If students do not comply, cellphones are immediately surrendered where there is no explicit allowance from the educator. 

As well, social media sites will be banned on all school networks and devices. 

Also in September, a new ban on sharing and recording videos or photos of individuals without explicit consent. 

Our government has also introduced new enforcement procedures for bans on tobacco, electronic cigarettes (vapes), nicotine products, recreational cannabis, alcohol and illegal drugs. 

For more information, here’s a video I recorded with Education Minister Stephen Lecce.