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Raglan Village shares progress on new Pretty River Residence

Pretty River Residence, a 36-suite facility, will specialize in programs for individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia is currently under construction
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Birthday parties, live music and entertainment, art sessions, raffles – where are residents having this kind of fun? They are living their best encore (retired) life at Raglan Village, where active supported senior living is the goal. A choice of lifestyles (condos, senior townhomes, retirement homes) all with medical and acts-of-daily-living support provide the choices seniors need, and the peace of mind their families want.

Raglan Village is very proud of its Raglan Heights condos, its fully serviced Raglan Square retirement residence, and its Raglan Village townhomes. Now, they are happy to share progress on their newest build, Pretty River Residence.

“Pretty River Residence is a 36-suite secure facility to accommodate our guests experiencing memory loss. It is very specialised and will include programs for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The caregiver to resident ratio will be 1:6," Catherine Elliott, Marketing Manager, explains.

According to Alzheimer’s Association®, more than 747,000 Canadians are living with memory loss. Alzheimer’s and dementia do not only affect the person living with the disease. Family and friends are also impacted. Support is needed for the whole family to address the progression of the disease, to help deal with the emotional distress of watching someone you love deal with memory loss, and to keep the individual safe from wandering away or getting into dangerous situations. A very high level of trust, care, and dignity are required from any facility specializing in care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients; Pretty River Residence will raise the bar in this regard.

“We want our families and residents to feel 100 per cent comfortable with their choice of Pretty River,” says Elliott. “Where there can be fears of a patient with memory loss being taken advantage of, or leaving the grounds, we put those fears completely to rest. Each of our staff members and medical teams will be thoroughly vetted and highly trained for a variety of scenarios. Not only will we actively engage with our residents with the highest level of dignity, we will work with each one to keep their mind and body engaged as much as possible. As with all of our facilities, Pretty River will be a fun, positive, active facility where residents can live their best lives.”

Pretty River Residence is under construction and the teams will be carefully selected to ensure maximum resident safety and care. Raglan is posting progress photos on their website. See the build unfold by bookmarking: