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Hospice Georgian Triangle launches "Grief Talks" to support young adults through grief

The event aims to foster open dialogues on death and grief on Feb. 29 at the Collingwood Foundry.

Supporting friends through challenging times has become more accessible, thanks to the Hospice Georgian Triangle's initiative, 'Grief Talks.' Scheduled for Feb. 29 at 7 p.m. at the Collingwood Foundry. 

This meetup aims to break down common stigmas associated with grief and offer practical advice on how to support friends in need. The event promises insightful discussions, all condensed into a few meaningful hours. 

Recognizing the unique challenges the younger demographic faces in coping with loss, the Hospice Georgian Triangle introduces "Grief Talks," a series aimed at providing support and fostering open conversations about grief in a modern and relatable setting.

Hospice Georgian Triangle lead therapist Heather Brown said "Grief Talks" is designed to appeal to individuals in their 20s to 40s, offering a casual yet supportive environment for discussing loss and how to support others going through similar experiences.

“Because we know that grief impacts younger folks too. And we're looking to engage with them to talk about, you know, grief, what it is what to expect, but really focusing on this piece about how to support other people in your life that are grieving,” Brown shares. 

“At some point, we all experience a friend or family or loved one who's grieving. How do we support them? How do we show up? It is about building confidence.”

The series will take place in a vibrant, hip venue in downtown Collingwood, moving away from traditional support group settings to encourage more open and casual conversations among peers. 

"It's about creating a space where people feel comfortable engaging on this topic," Brown explained.

One of the overarching goals of "Grief Talks" and the Hospice Georgian Triangle is to normalize conversations around death and grief, making it more commonplace and comfortable to discuss. At this stage in life, it is common for people to be touched by grief with aging parents or with the sudden loss of a friend. This can be tricky to navigate without the proper support.  

The Hospice Georgian Triangle Community Support Team hopes to make "Grief Talks" an ongoing series, continuously engaging the community in new spaces and discussions about grief and support. The sessions are intended for individuals looking to understand and support grieving loved ones during difficult times.

Kelly O'Neil, public relations and communications manager for the Hospice Georgian Triangle and the Foundation, shared her own experience of losing her father and the regret of not seeking grief counselling sooner. By creating a space that feels more like a conversation among friends, "Grief Talks" offers comfort and practical advice for those looking to support their friends and family through their grief journey.

What makes this event even more appealing is that it's completely free, inviting anyone who may benefit from learning more about supporting others through grief to attend. Interested participants are encouraged to RSVP to ensure their spot. The meetup offers a chance to gain valuable insights and join a community committed to supporting each other in difficult times. 

Hospice Georgian Triangle’s Community Support department offers a wide range of support options, including one-on-one counselling and various group settings tailored to specific types of loss, such as death by suicide, substance-related deaths, teen grief and spousal loss. 

These services are complemented by casual drop-in groups, death cafes, and movie nights, all aimed at reaching a broad audience with diverse needs.

For more information or to RSVP to an upcoming "Grief Talks" session, individuals are encouraged to visit the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation's event page or contact them directly through social media or email at [email protected].

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