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Getting the Most out of Cannabis with the Accessories

The general manager of Speakeasy Cannabis Co. gives her recommendations for the best cannabis accessories
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There are many different accessories available that can enhance and simplify using cannabis. Grinders, trays, rolling papers, bongs, pipes – the list goes on. Chelsea Murray, General Manager of Speakeasy Cannabis Co., explains the purpose of accessories and shares her top picks for some great tools.  

Importance of Using the Right Accessories

Accessories are not just gadgets that make preparing and using cannabis easier. According to Chelsea, cannabis accessories do much more than that. “Accessories and supplies can help to extend the life of your cannabis,” she says. “It can also make your experience much more elevated.” 

Getting Started with the Basics

Chelsea suggested getting a few durable pieces that will enhance the experience for any recreational cannabis user:


Starting with a good grinder is essential for getting the most out of cannabis. “Most people don’t realize that you need to grind up the flower and start to express the terpenes and the flavour notes that are associated with it,” Chelsea explains. “That is what is going to take your experience to the next level. Without grinding, you are not taking advantage of the full potential of the flower.” 

Chelsea recommends using a stainless steel or aluminum grinder because they are more durable and easier to clean. 

Papers and Rolling Machine

Having the right supplies for rolling joints reduces waste and makes it much easier. “Good rolling papers go a long way. You can get about 50 joints out of a package if you know how to roll,” says Chelsea. 

Chelsea also recommends using a rolling machine to get the perfect joint. “Rolling machines make sure that you’re not putting too much pressure on either end of the joint when you are rolling it up. You get a smooth smoke all the way through. It is not going to burn heavily on one side and not the other. This helps you not to waste too much of the cannabis and ensures that it is not too tight,” she says. Rolling machines are typically around $10 and very easy to use. 

Hand Pipe

Hand pipes comes in a variety of materials, colours, and sizes. Chelsea recommends that consumers look for something simple and durable. “When you choose a hand pipe that is metal or silicon, it will last a lot longer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped or knocked a glass pipe or bong. A small crack makes it unusable. Investing in a more durable material will pay off in the long-term,” she explains. 

Speakeasy Cannabis Co carries a vast array of useful and interesting cannabis accessories. Visit their helpful budtenders for personalized recommendations. They are located at 25 Mosley Street Unit A in Wasaga Beach. Call them at (705) 352-0103 or visit them online.