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Dadswell Denture Clinic the place to go for all things dentures

Bringing smiles back to clients’ faces
Dadswell Denture Spotlight_Oct 2021

Collingwood-based Dadswell Denture Clinic offers full-service denture care from repairs to full-mouth rehabilitation. Clinic owner and operator Kim Dadswell says approximately four in 10 Canadians over the age of 18 are missing teeth. And because teeth are the focal point of a person’s face, most desire a nice set of pearly whites. 

Not having a full set of teeth can lead to low self-esteem and affect how other people perceive a person; on the other hand, having a full set of teeth can boost self-esteem. Missing teeth also can affect one’s overall health and digestion by making it difficult to eat.

Contrary to popular belief, tooth loss is not exclusive to just the aging population. In fact, says, Dadswell, “Missing teeth actually affects all people of all ages. When it comes to children, teeth are generally lost due to trauma caused by sports accidents, trip and falls or neglect. They can also be lost due to losing primary teeth and not having adult teeth to replace them, which is often caused by genetics.” When it comes to adults, Dadswell says, “It’s often failed or worn-out dental restorations that result in tooth loss - old fillings are lost and old crowns break-down.”

For nearly three decades, Dadswell Denture Clinic has been providing full-service denture care for residents of Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach and Stayner and surrounding areas. The clinic specializes in complete, partial, implant-retained and immediate dentures. Clinic specialists can also professionally repair, maintain and custom-build the highest quality dentures thanks to its modern in-house laboratory.

The clinic is on the leading edge of digital dentures, which allows dentures to be 3D printed or milled. It also allows the clinic to store the measurements and other patient information, making the reproduction of dentures in the future simpler. The clinic currently owns a 3D dental scanner and printer and may soon add a mill to the process. 

Dadswell is proud that her clinic can produce custom dentures on-site and they follow the newest trends in dental technology. She emphasizes that dentures have a lifespan and should be replaced every five to seven years, depending on the wear and tear. Maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of one’s dentures. 

Offering a wide array of dentures for all ages, Dadswell Denture Clinic offers denture services as simple as a single tooth or as complicated as a full-mouth reconstruction that is supported by implants. Not sure what type of denture would best suit you? Contact the clinic to book a customized estimate/consultation.

Dadswell adheres to strict COVID-19 protocols that include screening and scheduling procedures, modified hours of operation and an efficient air filtration system. At this time, clients need to pre-book an appointment and walk-ins will not be permitted. 

Dadswell Denture Clinic offers a variety of other services – to view a list of services, visit the company website. Want to put a smile back on your face? Contact Dadswell Denture Clinic today and see how they can help!