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Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation launches its Tree of Life Campaign

Gifts to the campaign will ensure the right medication, for the right patient, at the right time

For over a century, Collingwood General & Marine Hospital (CGMH) has been providing medical care to residents living in the South Georgian Bay.

Today, the 74-bed facility operates as an acute care hospital providing emergency care, diagnostic services including lab, imaging and cardiorespiratory therapy. CGMH also has two inpatient units – medical and surgical.

The Collingwood G&M hospital (CGMH) Foundation is launching its yearend fundraiser called Tree of Life Campaign. The goal is to raise $1 million to replace all Automated Medication Dispensing Units (ADU) throughout the hospital. The current ADU systems are aging out and need to be replaced.

These ADU systems are used to safely dispense medication to patients at CGMH. They are used by physicians, nurses and pharmacists all day, every day.

Several times during their shift, nurses use them to safely access and deliver medication to their patients.

Pharmacists stock the ADU systems with hundreds of doses of medication daily, based on the needs of each patient on the different wards. They are also able to track specific medications that were dispensed for a particular patient in real time, which allows them to adjust treatments while ensuring patient safety.

“The ADU systems make the whole process more seamless, helping to deliver the right medication, to the right patient, at the right time. It improves quality of care and safety for our patients,” says CGMH Pharmacy Manager Manish Patel.

The current ADU systems have been used day in and day out for over ten years. This is quite a long time when it comes to hospital technology.

Please consider donating to the Tree of Life Campaign. Your gift, big or small, will make a difference and ensure that CGMH patients continue to receive medication in the safest and most efficient manner.

Questions? Please contact the CGMH Foundation at 705-444-8645 or send an email to