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Can you age in place comfortably? Discover how Techie Nesters is making it possible

Live with purpose and connection: Where meaningful engagement replaces merely filling your calendar
The Nest is intergenerational (Pictured: Founder and Chief Compassion Officer, Jenn Gerynowicz & her mother, Brenda Scott)

Aging at home is a dream for many Canadians, but it often comes with challenges.

According to a recent survey by the National Institute on Ageing (NIA) and the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), a remarkable 96% of older adults are determined to avoid institutional settings. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified this desire, underscoring the need for innovative solutions that support aging in place.

Despite this strong preference, many older adults face significant hurdles, including unmet caregiving needs, limited access to healthcare services, and the increasing risk of social isolation. The strain on the healthcare sector, exacerbated by labor shortages, only makes things more challenging.

Discover a New Way to Age at Home

Techie Nesters is here to revolutionize the aging experience in Canada. As a virtual retirement community, Techie Nesters combines technology with timeless values of compassion and connection. “We believe in the power of people,” says Jenn Gerynowicz, Founder and Chief Compassion Officer at Techie Nesters.

“Our members agree to both give and receive help, creating a community where kindness is the currency and support is always available. Even if you feel you have nothing to give, we all have the power to make someone happy.”

Jenn Gerynowicz, Founder and Chief Compassion Officer at Techie Nesters

Rediscover Purpose and Connection in Retirement: Techie Nesters Fosters a Sense of Belonging Beyond the Workplace

The reciprocal model at Techie Nesters is designed to provide a sustainable, cost-effective way for older adults to age in place longer. It ensures that everyone receives the help they need while fostering a sense of purpose and connection among members who use their gifts and talents to support each other. Whether it’s pet care, household chores, or transportation to appointments, members can easily access these services by calling their dedicated Compassion Concierge, who matches them with a community member ready to assist. Each member is vetted and police-checked, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

But Techie Nesters offers more than just practical help. Members, affectionately known as ‘Nesters,’ enjoy benefits like tech support, a safety helpline, small group activities and access to exclusive summer and Christmas parties. This membership model is particularly valuable for adult children who may not live nearby but want to ensure their parents enjoy connection, camaraderie, and a reliable support network when they can’t be there in person.

One of the most pressing challenges for older adults is social isolation, which can lead to loneliness and declining mental health. Techie Nesters addresses this issue head-on by fostering a vibrant community of “ConnectedNests.” Nesters enjoy meaningful social interactions that enhance their mental and emotional well-being, creating a supportive network that enriches their lives.

Complimentary Founder’s Friday dinner at Prime 79

Join the Movement: Special Offers and Upcoming Launch Event

The first Neighbourhood Nest has launched in the Collingwood area, with more communities, or ‘Nests’ popping up quickly. Those interested in having a Nest in their area can join an advanced list by calling 1-833-613-N-E-S-T (6378).

As Canada's population ages, the need for innovative, community-based care solutions becomes more urgent. Techie Nesters provides a practical and compassionate response, rooted in strong values. It’s not just a service but a revolution in how we think about aging. If you’re interested in discovering a community where kindness and connection are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life, Techie Nesters could be the perfect fit. It offers a way to get help without the burden of asking friends or family, and with company-provided insurance, it’s a safer way to receive and give support.

To celebrate their launch, Techie Nesters is offering a special Founder’s Rate before their official Summer launch party at The Collingwood Leisure Time Club on June 22nd featuring the band ‘Stir it Up’. Members who join before then can lock in a lifetime annual membership rate of just $49.90 (reg. $499/year) and get free access to the party.


For more information or to join Techie Nesters, call 705-443-4379.