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VIDEO: Town hall livestream captured jewelry store robbery

Three people seen running from jewellers, police arrested three people later, but it's unclear if the arrests were related

A robbery at D.C. Taylor Jewellers in downtown Collingwood was captured in part by the live stream camera mounted on the town hall clock tower. 

The video shows three people walking toward the store from the north end of town. All three are wearing hooded sweaters, one grey, and the other two black. The three people enter the store and a short time later all three come running out the door and go north again and out of the frame. 

The robbery took place around 3 p.m. at the jewellers on Hurontario Street on Dec. 4. Shortly after the three people fled the store, police arrived and eventually taped off the area while several bystanders appear to have spoken with the officers at the scene. 

The door to the shop was smashed, the video appears to show glass coming from the front of the store shortly before the three people come out running. 

Later in the evening, multiple police vehicles were spotted rushing to and at the Collingwood Regional Airport in Clearview Township. 

Central Region Ontario Provincial Police confirmed three suspects were arrested in the area. OPP did not confirm any information beyond the arrests, referring to the situation as an "active incident with outstanding suspects." 

It's not clear if the two incidents are related and police have not yet returned requests for comment.