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Barrie is using life-size cutouts of police officers to slow down drivers

The metal cutout of a police officer is meant to get the attention of drivers and encourage them to slow down
slow down sign stock image
A road sign asking motorists to slow down (Shutterstock)

The City of Barrie is piloting a new way to slow traffic on neighbourhood roads. A metal cutout of a police officer with a traffic radar gun will be placed at the side of the road on select streets around the city this summer in the hopes of getting the attention of drivers to slow down.

The pilot is an innovative approach that expands on the City’s traffic calming measures and supports Council’s strategic priority of improving the ability to get around. The objective of traffic calming is to create safer neighbourhoods by reducing the speed of traffic. Traffic-calmed streets are intended to improve residents’ quality of life and increase safety for active transportation users.

The City’s other traffic calming measures include temporary speed cushions, radar speed advisory boards, road diets and temporary median islands.

To learn more and read the City’s Traffic Calming Policy, visit