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Tree charity gives life-saving trim to century-old tree in TBM

This is the second heritage tree to receive a limb lift thanks to the new Tree Trust charity in The Blue Mountains
Arborists climb the sugar maple for some surgical limb removal. Contributed photos


On October 21, Tree Trust TBM certified arborists completed conservation care on a 100-year-old sugar maple tree located at the Banks Heritage Cemetery.

A small group of residents braved the cold and windy fall weather to watch the team from Arboreal Tree Care team conduct an aerial display of tree climbing and limb cutting to balance out length, loading and overall symmetry of the tree.

A tour of gravestones – several dating from the late 1800’s – deepened the meaning of preserving this special tree. A long-time resident of Banks shared how he remembers the church that once stood on this property and expressed a heart-felt thanks for our tree preservation work.

All in all, a deeply rewarding and interesting day!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Tree Trust so far – your contributions are helping to extend the life of this important tree, a living part of TBM history. To learn more about Tree Trust TBM or to donate funds so we can work on a 3rd tree, please go to (and click on the communities tab to find the TBM dedicated page).