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Storybook Soiree sashays on despite Saturday's slushy weather

The new fundraiser for Collingwood Out of the Cold aimed to teach kids about homelessness by using the stories they know and love

Collingwood's Out of the Cold task force hosted about 100 guests at Bear Estates on the weekend for the Storybook Soiree, a new fundraiser meant to support the temporary homeless shelter in Collingwood. 

The Soiree used the stories of Harry Potter and Elsa from Frozen to teach kids about homelessness. The event, which included family-friendly activities, food, music, dancing, and a silent auction took place Saturday night, Jan. 11. 

The evening's fundraising goal was $18,000, and the results of the evening's fundraising efforts are still being tallied. Tickets for the evening nearly sold out, according to event organizers. 

Enjoy these photos from the event.