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Protest Friday calls for end to war, arms export

Collingwood group will be demonstrating outside federal building on Friday
Members of Collingwood Pivot2Peace have participated in multiple demonstrations in town over the past few years.

A local peace activism group will be protesting later this week as part of a Canada-US week of action against war and the export of arms. 

There will be protests across Canada and the US arranged as peace activists demonstrate between Oct. 15 and 23 to "demand an end to imperialist wars, occupations, sanctions, and military interventions." 

The latest call to action began with the United National Anti-war Coalition in the US and the Canada-wide Peace and Justice Network. Pivot2Peace, based in Collingwood, is part of the network. 

Part of the argument is also against Canada's export of arms to other countries, including Saudi Arabia. The Globe and Mail reported Saudi Arabia was the second largest customer for Canadian-made military goods in 2021, the US was the top customer. A report from Global Affairs Canada indicates Canada exported more than $1.7 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia in 2021, and $1.3 billion in 2020. 

The week of action is asking people to join in the demonstrations calling for no new fighter jets, warships or drones to be purchased by the Canadian government, and instead refocus the billions of dollars budgeted for new war machines to housing, health care, jobs, and climate.

Pivot2Peace South Georgian Bay will be hosting a protest outside the federal building on Hurontario Street on Oct. 21 at 2 p.m. Anyone is welcome to join.