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Potential for moderate flooding this weekend, says conservation authority

People, and especially children, are advised to stay away from bodies of water
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Sunset Point's shoreline is lined with ice as waves splash up over the rocks. Erika Engel/CollingwoodToday

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority has issued a notice of flood potential in the region.

The notice, sent out earlier today (Jan. 10) suggests the potential is moderate, and there is low potential for ice jams in the area.

Temperatures in Collingwood and surrounding areas are up today with highs predicted around 6 degrees Celsius and daily highs predicted near or above freezing through the weekend.

Due to precipitation predictions for Friday and Saturday (in the 5-10 mm and 40-75 mm respectively) and warm temperatures melting packed snow, the authority expects increased water levels throughout the watershed.
“Stream banks will be slippery and unstable, creating hazardous conditions around our rivers and streams as water temperatures are extremely cold,” states the notice sent out by the conservation authority. “There is the potential for localized flooding in low-lying areas, however no major flooding is anticipated at this time.”

The authority advises members of the public, and especially children, to stay away from all bodies of water.

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