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558 patients in Ontario ICUs with COVID, testing captures 10,732 new cases

Ontario hospitals are caring for 3,957 COVID-positive patients
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Ontario's hospitals are caring for more than 3,900 COVID-positive patients, 558 in intensive care, though not all were admitted to hospital because of COVID-19. 

There are 558 patients in ICUs due to COVID-related illnesses, including 319 patients on ventilators. 

On Jan. 15, Public Health Ontario is reporting 10,732 new COVID cases, however, new case counts no longer reflect COVID-19 transmission in the province as testing is reserved nearly exclusively for hospitalized patients, and residents and staff at high-risk congregate settings. 

To-date, Public Health Ontario has confirmed 927,636 cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, and reported 827,756 recoveries and 10,565 deaths.

The Jan. 15 updates provided by the province's public health agency and the ministry of health also reported the following data:


  • 22,870 recoveries and 42 deaths since yesterday's report. The deaths reported have all occurred within the last month.
  • There are 99,315 active, lab-confirmed cases, up from 111,496 reported yesterday.
  • The new cases reported today include 1,539 unvaccinated people, 417 partially vaccinated people, and 8,223 fully vaccinated people, 553 cases were reported with vaccination status unknown. 
  • Lab-confirmed testing is mostly limited to those who live in high-risk congregate care settings or work in them. As such a majority of the people being tested are fully vaccinated as per provincial or workplace mandatory vaccine policies.


  • 3,957 people are in hospital testing positive for COVID-19. Of those, 53 per cent were admitted because of COVID-19, and the other 47 per cent were admitted for a different reason and tested positive for COVID. *Note: not all hospitals report on weekends. 
  • 558 people are in the ICU, 14 who are not testing positive for COVID-19. Of those, 78 per cent were admitted for COVID-19 related critical illness. 22 per cent of COVID-positive ICU patients were admitted for other reasons but tested positive.
  • Included in the hospitalizations are 686 unvaccinated cases, 167 partially vaccinated cases, and 2,035 fully vaccinated cases. 
  • There are 308 COVID patients on ventilators testing positive for COVID-19.
  • Included in the ICU counts are 168 unvaccinated cases, 19 partially vaccinated cases, and 185 fully vaccinated cases.


  • The province reported 56,318 tests were processed yesterday. Another 59,809 tests are still being processed. 

As of today's report, 11.5 million people in Ontario are fully vaccinated. There are 5.4 million people in Ontario with three doses of vaccine.

For more on the province's breakdown of vaccination status, click here.