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New food security initiative flies out of Collingwood Youth Centre

Project Butterfly kicked off on Monday with a food drive
2021-12-07 ProjectButterfly JO-001
A new drop-off box is located at the Collingwood Youth Centre at 76 First St., which will hold canned food donations.



Project Butterfly is a food security initiative spearheaded by the Collingwood Youth Centre, The Environment Network and Elephant Thoughts.

Over the course of the next year the project will have many different programs that will include food drives, expansion of community gardens, virtual and in person cooking programs, as well as a planned community fridge and pantry with all contents free to the public.

We believe that food security is the bedrock of a strong Collingwood community and just like a butterfly, it can bring transformation and change.

To find out more please visit our website:

Leading up to Christmas and beyond, the Collingwood Youth Centre will be taking canned food donations in our beautiful new drop-off box. The box is located outside the centre with these goods then being distributed throughout our community to those in need. Please drop off as many (in-date) cans as possible any time day or night to 76 First St., Collingwood.

If you drop off 10 cans or more we will give you a free Project Butterfly T-shirt.