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Local peace group protesting today against jet fighter purchase

Pivot2Peace will be outside MP Terry Dowdall's office to continue their protest of the multi-billion dollar purchase of F-35 jets for Canada's military
One of the past protests by Pivot2Peace calling for an end to the contract between the Canadian government and Lockheed Martin for f-35 fighter jets.

Collingwood-based Pivot2Peace is inviting residents to join them for a demonstration today in protest against the Canadian government's upcoming $7-billion purchase of F-35 fighter jets. 

The jets will be purchased from Lockheed Martin, and today's protest coincides with a Lockheed Martin shareholder meeting. There's a resolution going forward at the meeting regarding greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in line with the Paris agreements. Environmental groups have been critical of the military contractor for not having a plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. There have also been accusations that Lockheed Martin's board has pressured shareholders to vote against a greenhouse gas reduction target. 

In addition to the climate impact of the fighter jet production and sale, Pivot2Peace is protesting the purchase and use of the jets because of the violence they are part of. The group is against all war and violence. 

The April 27 action is one of several ongoing protests by members of the Collingwood-based group over the last few years. They have sided with the No Fighter Jets Coalition and, a few times a year, stand outside MP Dowdall's office in protest of the continued work toward purchasing the jets. 

The Canadian Press reported in December, 2022, that Canada's department of national defence received "quiet" approval to spend $7 billion on 16 F-35 fighter jets and related gear, which includes spare parts, facilities to house and maintain the fighter jets and upgrades to the military's computer networks. 

The Liberal government has promised to buy 88 fighter jets, the total cost of which is not yet known. 

The stance of the No Fighter Jets Coalition is that fighter jets are "weapons of war and exacerbate global warming."

Anyone is welcome to join Pivot2Peace during today's protest, which begins at 2 p.m. on the corner of Hume St. and Pretty River Parkway.