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Leaf your suggestions for TBM Tree Trust's next project

The charity is looking for a tree in need of saving, and is asking for nominations through its website
2020_08_01 Tree Trust After_3_JG
TBM Tree Trust undertook conservation work on this tree in The Blue Mountains for its first project. Jennifer Golletz/CollingwoodToday


Tree Trust TBM is a charitable organization that collects donations from citizens who care about the health and longevity of one of our community’s most valuable resources – our trees! We use the funds to hire certified professional arborists to work on extending the life of selected large, significant trees and, in each case, to plant two native saplings nearby to eventually take over. 

After completing work on our first tree in The Blue Mountains – a 200-plus year-old grand maple tree at the corner of 10th Line and the Georgian Trail – we now have enough donated funds to support working on our second tree! 

So, what’s next? 

We are asking TBM residents to nominate trees that might make good candidates for Tree Trust’s second tree. We will consider all nominations but, in general, Tree Trust is focused on supporting arboreal conservation care for trees that have special prominence and significance in our community. Older, heritage trees are an obvious example, but we also consider younger trees that are important to residents and have the potential for a much longer life due to conservation care. All trees are assessed by an arborist prior to selection. 

Fall is a great time to pause and observe the beautiful trees in TBM, including many that will be deserving of conservational arboreal care. Go to and click on the "nominate" button) to tell us about your favourite tree. 

We also need your support to continue this valuable work. Our goal is to keep adding to the list of Tree Trust TBM trees, creating a large and growing network of trees that are receiving the best possible care, and spreading the word about the importance of our precious tree canopy. 

You can make a donation at