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Escarpment alliance, Protecting Talisman Lands Association join forces

Groups becoming one organization in effort to 'be more effective and efficient'
2021-03-26 Niagara Escarpment MB 3
The Niagara Escarpment near Collingwood offers beautiful views all year round but is particularly fascinating in spring. Many crevices along trails such as The Key Hole preserve snow long after it’s disappeared from our yards.

The Escarpment Corridor Alliance (ECA) and the Protecting Talisman Lands Association (PTLA) announced today (Feb. 23) that they would be joining forces to work together as one organization.

PTLA and ECA have a shared objective of preventing inappropriate development at the former Talisman site and to encourage a sustainable future for the Beaver Valley.

The volunteer PTLA team have decided to join with the ECA as they know that they will be more effective and efficient as a part of a well-established charity with a strong board, professional management and fundraising experts. It is the intention of the PTLA team to stay highly engaged with the Talisman project as well as the ECA’s broader efforts.

“We are thrilled to join ECA and know that this will enhance our collective efforts towards a shared goal of protecting the Niagara Escarpment in the Beaver Valley and beyond.” — Kate Lazier, PTLA board of directors

The PTLA encourages all its supporters to fully support the ECA’s broader mission of protecting the entire Niagara Escarpment area of Southern Georgian Bay and its critical watersheds before it is too late. By preventing both legacy planning mistakes, like Talisman and Castle Glen, as well as future inappropriate developments from moving forward, we can ensure that our unique natural heritage will be safeguarded for generations to come. Moreover, the PTLA believes that the ECA’s work in standing up for the protection across the broader Southern Georgian Bay escarpment area will actually improve the chances of stopping/minimizing development at Talisman itself.

“I am very excited about this new chapter in our partnership with the PTLA and believe that we will be stronger together. This is a great example of collective impact and amplifying a common voice for an issue. With the PTLA leadership joining our team, I am confident that we will influence a positive conservation outcome for the Talisman lands and the entire Beaver Valley.” — Jarvis Strong, ECA executive director