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Got romaine lettuce in your fridge? Throw it out now, says Public Health Agency of Canada

And don't buy any more. Over the last month, 18 people have fallen ill after eating romaine lettuce in Ontario and Quebec
Lettuce. Photo/ Stock photo

Public Health Agency of Canada is urging everyone in Quebec and Ontario to throw away their romaine lettuce because of an E. coli outbreak.

There have been 18 confirmed cases of E. coli in the two provinces within the last month: three in Ontario, and 15 in Quebec.  

Six of those people have been hospitalized, and one suffered from hemolytic-uremic syndrome, which is a severe complication that can result from an E. coli infection. 

No deaths have been reported. 

Individuals who became ill are between 5 and 93 years of age. The majority of cases (56 per cent) are female.

The outbreak began in the United States, where 32 people have been infected by E. coli. 

The agency is working with the U.S. FDA to determine the source of the romaine lettuce that the ill individuals were exposed to. 

In the meantime, residents are advised not to buy any, or throw it out if you already have some in your fridge.

- OttawaMatters/Rogers Media with files from the Associated Press