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Donors, animal care team, adopters unite to rescue three frightened puppies

The three puppies were dealing with parasites, infections, and fear of people, but have received help for all of it thanks to the GTHS and their donors

A group of donors, volunteers, and animal care professionals came together for the sake of three puppies in need of some emotional, mental, and physical help. 

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) received three Maremma puppies recently, all with a parasitic infection and with little trust for humans. 

Named after three "inspiring community members," Dave, Eddie, and Sylvia, each received medical treatment to deal with the demodex parasite and the infections under the leadership of veterinarian Dr. Anick Amaro, the director of medicine at GTHS. 

Then the team at the shelter, including behavioural specialist Erika Ehrenreich, began working on trust and helping the puppies act their age. They had to be slowly coaxed from their kennels and learn that a leash is not scary. 

"We worked very hard to reduce their stress and build their confidence," said Joshua Heggenstaller, the dog care coordinator at GTHS in the online story posted by the shelter. "Now they run up to you with enthusiasm looking for treats and snuggles." 

The effort to help Dave, Eddie, and Sylvia, required financial resources too. 

Bill MacWilliam, managing director of Oslerbrook Golf and Country Club, donated $7,000 to the cause through a matching campaign. 

“Our charitable gift is designed to inspire others to help with the care of animals who are suffering and deserve a fresh start," said MacWilliam in a news release from GTHS. "We know companion animals are essential to mental health and wellness right now. When people welcome a new animal into their home, it can be very therapeutic and combat loneliness."

According to the GTHS, the gift inspired a group of donors to come together to support the medical treatment of the three pups. Including the matching gift, the campaign raised over $14,000. 

All three of the pups have now been adopted. 

The GTHS is currently accepting donations toward the care of animals coming to their Animal Centre from crisis situations.