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Collingwood teen author releases second book

Tyler Baz has recently unveiled the second instalment in his Noah's Story series, titled The Darkness: Part 1.
The Darkness: Part I, the sequel to the first book of the Noah’s Story series, The Prophecy, written by Tyler Baz.

Local teenage author Tyler Baz has recently unveiled the second instalment in his Noah's Story series, titled The Darkness: Part 1. 

Following his debut novel, The Prophecy, which he self-published with FriesenPress last year, Baz’s second book continues the narrative of the central character, Noah, a 12-year-old boy who lives in the “Realm with No Magic.” When Noah discovers that he is really a prince and reunites with his true family, he loses control of his magic, secrets rise to the surface, and he is banished.

The Darkness: Part 1 picks up where the first book left off and is now available on various platforms, including Amazon, Google Books, Apple Books and Kobo.

“The best thing about writing is that your only limit is your imagination,” said Baz. 

His approach to the second novel reflects his evolving creative process. "The second book is the one I am the most proud of so far,” he said, 

Baz emphasized the effort and time he dedicated to crafting this instalment and the personal growth it spurred in his writing. 

“For the people who have been with me on this journey, they know I put a lot more work into the second book and that I took a lot more time to write it,” he said. “I was still learning how to write, finding my style and my voice. So it was very different for me.”

The teenage author has since been hard at work, with the third instalment of the Noah's Story series already in the pipeline, aiming for a summer release. 

In reflecting on his journey as an author so far, Baz said, "Each book is very different for me." 

He detailed how his writing, planning, and publishing methods have evolved, particularly with the third book, which he described as a "massive writing project" that required significant creative effort.

“At the time of writing, it pushed a lot of boundaries for me and my creativity,” he said. 

In terms of future plans, Baz is considering organizing a formal book launch event for the release of his second book and exploring potential collaborations with the Collingwood Public Library. 

In the meantime, he said The Darkness: Part 1 is a story that explores themes of hope, self-discovery, self-love, and resilience, and he encourages readers to embrace the book for its compelling narrative and relatable themes.

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