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Collingwood residents show up to support cancer research

The annual Terry Fox Run was held on Sept. 17 at Harborview Park

Local residents of all ages, and many of their canine companions, filled Harborview Park on Sunday morning (Sept. 17) for the annual Terry Fox Run. 

“I want to thank Terry Fox, and every one of you gathered here today, for every dollar you've raised, every step you've taken and every moment you've dedicated to this cause, you are the unsung heroes of this ongoing battle,” said Dr. Jennifer Fawcett, Collingwood resident, cancer survivor and the event’s keynote speaker. 

“Your contributions to cancer research and support of survivors like myself have a ripple effect that extends far beyond Collingwood's borders,” she continued. 

The Terry Fox Run kicked off with registration at 9 a.m., where many of the youngest participants took time to engage with play gear provided by Healthy Kids Collingwood.

Prior to the start of the run, Collingwood Blues players led the group in a warm-up and stretch.

The event brought out both new and longtime Collingwood residents. Kerry and Emily (11) Shuell came out to participate in their second Terry Fox Run. 

“We have some family members that have gone through some things and so we’re just out to support them and what they have been through,” said Kelly. 

According to event organizers, the Terry Fox Run is held annually in over 30 countries and has raised over 850 million for cancer research. 

As the keynote speaker, Fawcett spoke about her personal journey as a cancer survivor and what the annual event means to her. 

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, my whole world turned upside down. A mother of two young children, a local entrepreneur, and a woman passionate about supporting others, I felt completely lost,” she said. “My journey through so many new types of treatment was filled with uncertainties, fears and unimaginable challenges.”

She was diagnosed with cancer five years ago and at the time there were very limited treatment options for the advanced stages of the type of cancer that she survived. 

“The funds raised by this foundation have fuelled groundbreaking studies, innovative treatments and cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized the way we understand and treat cancer. The enthusiasm and unwavering commitment of Collingwood residents has played a vital role in the success of this event. Together, you have raised substantial funds that have directly contributed to cancer research initiatives,” Fawcett added.