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Collingwood hospital looking for two mural artists

The artists would be hired to paint a mural in one of two safe rooms reserved for mental health patients coming into the ER

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) is looking for two area artists to paint murals in two rooms dedicated for patients coming into the emergency room while experiencing a mental health crisis. 

The hospital has two "safe rooms" for patients in mental health crisis, and is working to enhance the rooms with a calming scenery mural in soft colours on the wall at the foot of the patient bed. 

The murals will be part of the hospital's efforts to enhance therapeutic spaces for mental health patients. 

"The needs of mental health patients are specific and may vary depending on diagnosis and reason for a visit to the emergency department safe rooms, said Crystal Bell, the manager of mental health services, spiritual care, and hemodialysis for CGMH. "It is important the physical and therapeutic environment of the safe rooms contributes to feelings of safety and self-regulation." 

Artists interested in painting a mural in one of the rooms should submit a portfolio (2-3 pieces) and cost estimate for the work by Oct. 18 to Crystal Bell at You can reach her by phone at 705-445-2550, ext. 7227.

The project will be funded by the Hospital Foundations Giving Circle, women who have supported the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation by donating to needs above and beyond the hospital's capital budget.