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Celebrate Small Business Month with marketing seminars

Seminars on everything from digital strategies to business brands
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Kirsty Stevenson, local author and Entrepreneur, is celebrating Small Business Month with a series of practical informative seminars in partnership with the South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre.

She is offering four different marketing seminars at the Collingwood Public Library on consecutive Wednesday mornings starting Oct. 10.

The seminars, based on her popular book The Un-Corporate Marketing Manual, will give small business owners tools and tips they need to energize their business for the rest of 2018 and explode into 2019!

Stevenson, a lifelong entrepreneur, is committed to helping small business. “The digital world changes daily and business owners can get great results by knowing who they are selling to and where they spend time online. Is it Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest today? What about tomorrow? Well-planned marketing strategies plus strong personal and business brands will make even the smallest businesses stand out!”

The four seminars are based on the Un-Corporate Marketing System developed in Stevenson’s book. Oct. 10 set up: Map out your marketing plan and build the foundation for successful marketing. Oct. 17 shape up: Personal and business branding and non-digital marketing assets. What does your brand say about you and your company?

Oct. 24 shake up: Hot digital strategies that work today: It’s a Google world , digital stories, online advertising, user-generated content, engagement and micro influencers.

Oct. 31 fix up: What’s working? What’s not working how can you fix it?

Attendees will take home at least five practical strategies every day so they can see immediate results. The individual seminars stand on their own but, taken together, they communicate great tactics for increased success.

Registration is limited to 20 people - Kirsty wants everyone to get personalized advice. Individual seminars are $25; register for the series for $80.