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Blue Mountain Pottery featured at museum event

Anyone is welcome to attend the informal gathering at the museum where several pieces from the former Blue Mountain Pottery will be on display, and collectors will be eager to show-and-tell
Photo provided by the Collingwood Museum.

On Nov. 20, the Collingwood Museum invites you to an informal evening devoted to one of Collingwood’s internationally renowned businesses - Blue Mountain Pottery (BMP).

Local collector Jasmine MacLellan will be onsite from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM to answer questions about her personal collection which is presently on display at the Collingwood Museum. MacLellan’s collection features traditional pieces as well as some rarities, including a BMP Pet Shop window display.  

MacLellan shares that “October marked the second anniversary of my Blue Mountain Pottery collection journey. I began collecting strictly by accident. I’ve always had a passion for antiques of all types and mediums; I also love the colour red and found two small red vases for sale in Thornbury. I purchased the vases and then everything changed completely for me. I started collecting BMP with the mindset of only buying red pieces and never animals, as they were not to my preference. Once I started doing in depth research I discovered the incredibly diverse, artistic, and true beauty of varying glazes, moulds, and styles.”

A selection of Blue Mountain Pottery from the Museum’s permanent collection will be on display for participants to view. Resource materials in the Museum’s research and archival collections will be available to assist community members in learning the histories of their own collections. Staff hopes the event will attract former BMP employees and local history enthusiasts.

Participants are invited to bring one piece of BMP from their personal collections for a community show-and-tell. A select number of tables will be provided by the Museum.

This event marks the fourth community collection to be showcased at the Collingwood Museum. If you are interested in sharing a personal collection with the community in this manner, please contact Collingwood Museum staff at [email protected] or 705-445-4811.