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BEYOND LOCAL: How to plan a family trip that works for every generation

All inclusive vacations and cruises are great ways to travel with the whole family because there is something for everyone

Travelling with multiple generations of family might sound like a headache, one travel expert says, but it’s possible to pick a trip that works for everyone.

It can be a good option when taking a vacation, because it allows the whole family to spend meaningful time together, said Toronto-based travel expert Natalie Preddie. 

“We live so far apart, our lives are so busy and we don’t really get time to spend with our parents or our grandparents, and travelling together is a great way to strengthen those bonds,” she said. 

Multi-generational travel is a trend reported by the hospitality industry over the last few years, according to a report by health and travel insurance company Blue Cross. 

Blue Cross cites a 2014 study by Preferred Hotel Group, which found an increased demand for multi-generational travel options, due to families wanting to spend more time together, as work, school and extracurricular activieis can get in the way.

Trends were more pronounced in wealthy demographics. 

The best types of vacations for multiple generations

Vacations like cruises or all-inclusive vacations are good options for families travelling together that need activities to cater to different ages and interests, said Preddie.

The family can divide into groups and participate in excursions, and then meet back for meal times, she said. Needs like dietary requirements or childcare during the day are possible with these kinds of trips, as well. 

“You have lots to do, there are kids’ clubs, there are teen clubs,” she said, adding options like connecting rooms and discounts on large groups make it easier to travel with multiple people.

Adventurous travel with the whole family

Depending on how active your family is, being more bold with your travel options is possible with many family members, said Preddie.

“You can do things like checking out the rainforest in Costa Rica, that’s something that’s not too taxing,” she said.

For something less expensive, even going on a camping trip would be an easy way to add adventure to your travel, she explained. 

Planning a group trip

When planning a trip with different people who may not live close to each other, designate one or two people to be the main points of contact for the trip, said travel expert Jaime Damak on Global News Morning Montreal

She also recommends discussing budget and any other needs prior to picking a destination, to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. 

Vacation rentals are an option Damak recommends, as it creates a home base for everyone during the trip. 

“If you want to cook and have your own place when you’re with your family, vacation rentals are a great choice,” she said, adding you can rent in Canada to keep down costs.

Communication is key between all family members beforehand, explained Damak, in order to make sure everyone’s on the same page. 

“Discuss what you want before starting to plan,” she said

For more information about multi generational travel, watch Natalie Preddie in the video above.

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