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LETTER: Speaking of tall buildings, how about that Terminals plan?

Letter writer says the 24-storey condo tower planned for the Terminals building is 'not reasonable'
An artist's rendering of the Collingwood Terminals redevelopment from the south facing north.

CollingwoodToday welcomes letters to the editor at [email protected] or via our website. Please include your daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). The following letters are in response to a suggestion in Collingwood's draft Official Plan to allow up to 6-storey buildings in some intersections in the downtown core and a plan for the Collingwood Terminals building involving a condo tower.


There is a lot of opposition to allowing six-storey buildings in downtown Collingwood (including the Architecture Conservancy of Ontario). 

Can you imagine how people will feel when they get the Streetcar 24-storey monster built on their downtown waterfront? 

I haven't met a single person who likes their tower idea. Sure, some people want to keep the grain terminals but at what expense? 

Placing a 100-plus-foot condo tower on top of them does not seem like a reasonable expense to me.  I realize why Streetcar wants their condo tower (profit) but before more engineering monies are spent, shouldn't Collingwood consider a different option and/or partner if necessary? 

Can't we keep hotels and condos on our waterfront to a  four- or five-storey height? 

Perhaps there is a compromise between the two approaches?  Perhaps we all need to take a deep breath and brainstorm some more before the streetcar is too far down the track to Brampton, so to speak. 

Thanks very much,

Bob Tyssen
Collingwood, Ont.