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LETTER: Province's response to health-care crisis 'pathetic'

'Ford and Jones were elected to solve problems, not feed empty statements to us,' reader says
2020-08-20 Doug Ford OPP announcement 4
Sylvia Jones, who is now the province's health minister, is shown with Premier Doug Ford in this file photo. | Nathan Taylor/OrilliaMatters

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The spin that Doug Ford and Health Minister Sylvia Jones are putting on the Ontario health-care crisis is disgusting.

People who work in Ontario health care are telling us that the system that we are so proud of is broken. What do the premier and the minister tell us? That the health-care problem is not just here in Ontario; it is a worldwide problem. We have a health-care crisis and what do the premier and the minister do? Deflect. Ford and Jones were elected to solve problems, not feed empty statements to us.

When asked about repealing Bill 124, which limits nurses and PSWs to a one per cent annual pay increase, the answer is that is a conversation for another day. What a pathetic reply. Nurses and PSWs are exhausted from months and months of COVID. Inflation of eight per cent is eating away at their paycheques and the premier and minister say we will look at it later. Is it any wonder that nurses and PSWs are leaving health care in unprecedented numbers?

Premier and minister, please wake up to the reality of a critical problem that needs to be addressed — yesterday.

Ron Tadman
Town of The Blue Mountains