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In our tasting bar you can expect to sample the highest quality extra virgin olive oils harvested from the most current crops around the globe. We utilize the alternating harvest seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres to access the most recent olive crushes, allowing us to offer the freshest juice available - not just once but twice per year!

Product from Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, California, Chile, Peru, and Australia is available in our shop on a rotational basis.

Always Fresh

Never pre-bottled, and protected from heat, light, and moisture, each of our premium extra virgin olive oils come with detailed sensory, chemical, and nutritional information as well as a crush date.

Natural Ingredients

We offer both fused and infused oils that come in a variety of flavours using natural ingredients only.

You are also invited to savour intense white and dark balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy. Taste our traditional condimento and explore other flavours such as raspberry, cranberry-pear, and coconut. Our unique whole fruit balsamic is out of this world!

Our People