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Max Hahne - Engel & Völkers Collingwood Muskoka

Follow your dream, home.

Max services residential and commercial properties in Georgian Bay area and Muskoka. He will travel to represent unique properties throughout Ontario involving but not limited to luxury, creative residential designs, waterfront estates and commercial developments.

We are a true international Real Estate Broker so we bring a lot of international buyers to our listings.

Max believes that his family, friends, clients and customers deserve the very best that life has to offer. He also believes that if you are going to achieve success for everyone involved then you had better start with the right tools, knowledge and resources.

Engel & Völkers is a premier luxury Real Estate company and provides the best marketing and the best tools and resources in the industry. Max and his team provide the customer service, experience and expertise for success.

Max has worked in Real Estate and fine home building for 39 years. He has accomplished a consistently high record of achievement on the South Georgian Bay Real Estate Board, the Muskoka Real Estate Board, as well as the Toronto Real Estate Board.

His passion is waterfront property whether it's luxury living or 3 season cottages. Max is experienced and knowledgeable with all types of property in Ontario Canada, whether it's a condominium, inn, farm, ranch, cottage, island or ski chalet.

Max and his team will travel to see the property, meet the client, give the right advice and then implement a strategic marketing plan. Max's track record of success for his clients is unequalled across the province.

For the Boomers Book 

You've heard the saying...."home is where the heart is".  How about ... "home is where you are".  Wherever you live will become your home, even if it's hard to let go of the space you currently call home. With this book I hope to show you that you're simply entering a different stage of life, and it can be a very rewarding and exciting one. There is plenty to look forward to, and where you plan to live is one exciting element to consider. Think about the future and all its possibilities. Request Copy >

Selling Secrets Book 

The home seller’s objective is to find that home shopper who cannot resist buying your house at the highest price. This book was written for the prospective or active home seller. My goal was to use my experience to help them achieve a better understanding of the home-selling process. I’ve provided actionable insight into how best to market your home, avoid critical mistakes, and maintain a proper focus. Let this book be your go-to resource for information, strategies, and techniques that can be put to work to sell your home quickly at the best price. Request Copy >

Buyers Book

Technology has changed the way homes are sought and bought today. In this “Information Era,” most buyers are first introduced to the home they eventually purchase via the internet, through sites like So that means there’s no real need for a buyer’s real estate agent, right? The reason to use a real estate agent is to find a home and show homes available for sale, right? Ah, not so fast, friend. The reasons to use a real estate agent today are as valid as yesterday. 
My new book will explore your options and guide you through the home buying process.  Should you use your own buyers agent?  Should you go directly to the listing agent? What about buying privately, without an agent? What are your costs and obligations? How can you save money and make the home buying process hassle free? Find out in the Buyers Handbook. Request Copy >


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