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Robinson's Paint & Wallpaper

Since 1963, Robinson’s have been part of the Collingwood community and helping people create the perfect look for their homes. Mark and Jennifer Robinson represent the second-generation owners of Robinson’s. The store was founded by Cam and Muriel Robinson, parents of Mark Robinson. Over the years the store has grown in size, added the newest technology and innovative products to better supply and serve today’s astute customers.

A lot has changed since 1963 and Robinson’s have kept up with the trends. All of these changes enable the team at Robinson’s to provide better service to their customers.

Robinson’s have been in Collingwood for 60 years and in 2023, heading into a third-generation ownership with Jodie Robinson. Jodie is the daughter of Mark and Jennifer. Jodie’s team consists of seven dedicated experts who are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Jodie is looking forward to serving the Collingwood area for many years to come!


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