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Gerard Buckley

Gerard Buckley

Team Leader and Mortgage Broker

Gerard has been working in the financial industry for over 40 years, helping individuals and companies strategically plan for accelerated levels of growth at Mortgage Wellness, Scotia Capital, Maple Leaf Angels and Jaguar Capital where he is Managing Director. Gerard, is a Licenced Mortgage Agent, A Seniors Mortgage Professional, a Certified Luxury Mortgage Adviser and a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist who specializes in mortgages for Residential, Investment and Commercial Properties.

Gerard is an experienced professional with a long record of Integrity and Trust with his clients. Because of his service to customers Gerard has a history of receiving accolades and awards as a result of this service. Besides being a Fellow of The Institute of Canadian Bankers he is also a Certified Corporate Director and Certified Management Consultant where his integrity and trust with clients are held in the highest order. In addition, Gerard is a recipient if The Institute of Canadian Banker’s Gold Medal for Academic Excellence and a Member of Scotiabank’s Chairman’s Club Award.

Gerard has a passion for real estate and investment and he takes pride in providing financial education to his clients. He is a frequent speaker on subjects related to Real Estate Financing, Governance, Angel Investment, Growth Alternative Financing, Entrepreneurialism, and Corporate Social Responsibility and is a frequent published author in Private Capital Markets,, Entrevestor and other publications.

Gerard Buckley is Past - Chairperson of Maple Leaf Angels Corporation where he successfully set strategic direction and grew the organization over four years and in 2015 was named Angel Investor of the Year. He served as a member on the Small and Medium Enterprise Committee of The Ontario Securities Commission and has served on the board of an Exempt Market Dealer. Gerard is currently Lead Director and founder of The General Partner of MLA48LP an angel invested fund.

Buckley Mortgage Team

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With over 35 years of experience in the financial industry, Gerard has built a solid reputation through investing in individuals and businesses within Southern Georgian Bay and the Greater Toronto Are

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