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Edie Gudaitis (Edie Gudaitis Wellness)

Edie Gudaitis

Owner - Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Mindfulness Coach

Yoga and Meditation instructor, Reiki practitioner and Mindfulness Coach based in Collingwood, ON.

Communication, Connection and Community building are the core values of myself and my business.

My offerings include:

**Yoga Classes (public and private):


My classes are accessible to all levels, though they lean toward intermediate. Every sequence is carefully crafted to stretch and strengthen the physical and subtle body, while also focusing on safe posture alignment and the importance of breath. Through each yoga class, I seek to help yoga students feel more empowered in their life, connected to their truth and balanced in their body and mind.

Yoga for Youth - I use yoga and mindfulness practices to help youth become more aware, present, connected and empowered in their lives. Some themes include: understanding and navigating stress and anxiety, cultivating self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth and positive thinking, and tapping into courage and vulnerability.


Through facilitated discussion, movement, breathing techniques and meditation, I seek to connect women more deeply with their truth and to help empower them in their lives. Each workshop aims to help women increase their self-awareness, self-love, self-confidence, self-worth and to cultivate inner peace.

**Mindfulness Coaching:

There are countless benefits for becoming more mindful - connection and joy, are two great examples. Mindfulness is about cultivating awareness in one’s life. Meditation and yoga are mindfulness tools that help us stay present and grounded in the current moment, regardless of external shifts around us. By slowing down and tuning in, we become more connected with ourselves, present in our lives and compassionate towards the people and communities around us. Mindfulness coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Sessions can include:

- defining clear and attainable goals, timelines and actionable steps to get you closer to the life you desire

- discussing and addressing current life concerns in relation to meeting your end goals - identifying where you might be “stuck” and potential next steps

- focusing on being more embodied through personalized, guided yoga and meditation practices to help you be more present in all aspects of your life.

I firmly believe that when we take time to slow down and tune into to our breath and our body - through practices like yoga, meditation and journaling - we better understand who we are and what we deeply desire in our lives and for our communities. From this place of awareness we can take action and create positive and lasting change - in ourselves - and the world at large.

Please reach out or visit my website for more information:

"Strengthen your body. Challenge your mind. Transform your life, one day at a time.” - Edie Gudaitis

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