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Poul Nielsen

Poul Nielsen

President and Owner

Poul began his career as a personal trainer in 2000, after completing the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program George Brown College. He started Nielsen Fitness in 2006 and the rest, as they say, is history. What was once a one-man show is now a thriving business with hundreds of clients and dozens of trainers.

Over the course of his career, Poul has become increasingly passionate about the benefits of exercise and strength training for older adults and has carved out a specialization in this niche. Poul is focused on continuing education and is constantly working to expand and share his knowledge of both fitness and business. In addition to running his own personal training certification program, he has also taught at George Brown College.

Poul spent many years competing in strength athletics, including the Ontario Strongman circuit. Today he exercises for health and long-term sustainability by working out regularly with his Nielsen Fitness trainer (even trainers need a trainer!) and getting outside for as much golf, cycling and hiking as time will allow.

In his spare time, he enjoys baseball, playing the guitar and spending time with his young family.

Nielsen Fitness Premium Personal Training

About Nielsen Fitness Premium Personal Training

Nielsen Fitness is a premium personal training firm that has been helping their clients reach their fitness goals since 2006.

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