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M&M Food Market (Collingwood)

Welcome to M&M Food Market in Collingwood, where Greg and Christina Foster, having an impressive 23 years of business experience, stand as proud owners of this local community store. With 7 years deeply embedded in the Collingwood landscape, the Fosters have cultivated M&M Food Market into a go-to destination for those seeking an array of delicious offerings. On the menu, patrons can explore a tantalizing selection that includes mouthwatering Appetizers, premium Meats, convenient Meals Made Easy, indulgent Desserts, fresh Fish, and a variety of flavorful Side Dishes.

At M&M, the commitment to delivering exceptional customer service is paramount. The Fosters understand the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every visitor experiences top-notch service with a smile. Beyond providing delectable food options, M&M Food Market is dedicated to giving back to the local community. The Fosters actively support various local organizations, with a particular emphasis on championing the Boys and Girls Club of Canada. By choosing M&M Food Market, customers not only enjoy a diverse and delicious selection but also contribute to a business deeply committed to fostering community connections and supporting meaningful causes.

As the Collingwood M&M Food Market continues to be a cornerstone of the local business landscape, Greg and Christina Foster invite you to savor the delectable flavors of a business founded on two decades of experience, a passion for quality, and a genuine dedication to community support.