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Sharron Fleet

Sharron Fleet

C0-Founder, Director, Owner, Costume Producer

A teacher of dance since 1980, Sharron is an accomplished dancer and teacher, having studied ballet, jazz, modern, and highland. She opened her own studio in 1986 the same year in Courtenay, B.C. Sharron her senior students performed at Expo '86 in Vancouver.

Moving to Ontario in 1990 Sharron operated a studio on her own in Angus. In 1994 she joined Jane Wooding, opening Fleet-Wood Dancentre in Collingwood and continues to this day.

Celebrating 30 years of teaching dance in Collingwood, this School of Dance is the oldest and most successful in the area. A staff of five qualified teachers offers ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip-hop, acro, kinder dance, and pre-ballet jazz for little people, competition, yearly Christmas Living Windodows with Mini Nutcracker ballerinas, and bi-yearly Full Production of The Nutcracker, a favourite Christmas ballet.

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