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Georgian Triangle Music Teachers' Association

The Georgian Triangle Music Teachers’ Association is a non-profit association of music teachers dedicated to advancing music education in our community. Founded in 2002, the GTMTA attracts music teachers who specialize in a wide variety of musical styles, instruments, and teaching methods. This unique group of music professionals augments a thriving musical and cultural community in the Georgian Triangle.

The objective of the GTMTA is to maintain high standards of music education within the profession and to promote the appreciation and enjoyment that music brings to our lives.

For Teachers

  • To provide a forum for music teachers to promote the exchange of ideas
  • To actively promote teacher participation in professional seminars, workshops, conferences and continuing education
  • To create an atmosphere of professional camaraderie among music teachers in the region
  • To partner with community organizations and local, provincial, and federal governments in the advancement of music, culture, and the arts.

For Students

  • To actively encourage student participation in recitals, workshops, seminars, and examinations
  • To provide skill-building opportunities for students of all ages and interests
  • To build a strong sense of self esteem and confidence to every student
  • To provide preparation for and reflection after performances and examinations

Our People