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About Us 

We strive to Educate, Enable and Empower our persons served, our staff and our community.

E3 Community Services believes:

  • our primary service responsibilities are to support both adults and children in getting full value as participating citizens in the community. E3 embraces the principles of inclusion, integration, individualization and community acceptance,
  • that our success depends on meeting and anticipating individual and community needs,
  • that our activities will be personalized, family centered and designed to help people achieve their full potential,
  • it is vital to respect all people, provide them with choices and to promote the concepts of inclusion and community education,
  • we must work in partnership with the larger service system to pro-actively develop efficient, quality services,
  • we must advocate for and on behalf of persons served and families to ensure they are afforded the services, support and respect needed for safe, healthy and happy living,
  • that staff must have a safe, respectful and fair working environment that promotes personal growth,
  • fiscal accountability and transparent procedures will be inherent business practices to ensure the integrity of our funding.


E3 Community Services, values the uniqueness, dignity and worthiness of each individual we support. We believe that a healthy community only exists when the contributions, needs and aspirations of EVERY individual, no matter their differences, are recognized, acknowledged, utilized and appreciated.

Our People