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From layout, to licensing, to construction, to interior design, there’s nothing Ametrine Renovations can’t do to turn your basement into the entertainment retreat YOU want or an accessory apartment for additional income. Rest assured your project will be handled by specialized professionals in both construction and design.

Start thinking about the living space of your imagination, and let us handle the rest professionally.

As you work with Ametrine Renovations, you’ll have a big say in how your finished basement will turn out — far beyond your expectations. You’re taken through 3 simple stages

Set up a consultation, and let’s sit down & chat about what you want out of your project.

You’ll get best practice suggestions and an initial layout design, which once approved by you will be professionally drafted as the Building Permit application drawing.

Framing, drywall, paint, flooring, doors, baseboards — you’ll get details and quality craftsmanship.

Forget everything you know about home remodelling! Hiring multiple contractors to finish your basement can be time-consuming, expensive and disharmonious. We can also help you to DIY by providing project, materials and sub-contractor management services while you work.

What’s more, your contractor for building & your contractor for design may not see eye-to-eye on your vision. Why cobble together the skill & talent yourself?

From initial design to final product, Ametrine Renovations does it all. The rare Ametrine gemstone brings balance, joy, and harmony, and just like that, you’ll be taken through a smooth, integrative, step-by-step process to design AND finish your basement — easily and without hassle.

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