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What's the last 'normal' thing you did before the pandemic?

With the one-year anniversary of the declaration of the global COVID-19 pandemic approaching this week, we're asking what you did in the last few weeks before the shutdowns began
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This week brings the one-year anniversary of the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 11). 

It got us wondering what we were all doing in the days and weeks leading up to the pandemic. 

Some people might have been travelling, attending big weddings or concerts, eating out with a big group of friends, even bar hopping. 

We’d like to know, what is one of the last things you did before the pandemic declaration and subsequent lockdowns and restrictions were ordered? Tell us via email at [email protected].

To jog your memory, we’ve included some of the last things our editorial staff did before pandemic-related restrictions were a thing.

“The weekend before the pandemic was declared, my parents came to visit from Niagara, and we all went out to eat dinner at a pub in downtown Barrie.” 

Jessica Owen, CollingwoodToday reporter

“One of the things I did before the pandemic was travel to downtown Toronto for an evening of bar-hopping in Chinatown with my awesome Low Down co-workers.” 

Jennifer Golletz, CollingwoodToday reporter 

“I was hanging out on the beach in Costa Rica with my family.” 

Maddie Johnson, CollingwoodToday freelance reporter 

“I went to see Phantom of the Opera in Toronto with my dad. We spent the afternoon in the city eating out and walking around visiting shops and cafes.” 

Erika Engel, CollingwoodToday community editor