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New COVID cases confirmed in TBM and Grey Highlands today

There were 16 cases confirmed in the Grey Bruce region on Nov. 21

Grey Bruce Health Unit has confirmed two new cases of COVID-19 in The Blue Mountains and one new case in Grey Highlands today. 

The new area cases are three of 16 new cases reported in the region on Nov. 21. 

There are now 56 active cases confirmed through lab testing in Grey Bruce, and there are nine active probable cases, which are not lab-confirmed but are high-risk contacts and also symptomatic. 

The health unit notes it is currently tracing 257 high-risk contacts associated with the 56 active cases in the region. 

Two people from the region are hospitalized with COVID-19. 

To date, Grey Bruce Health Unit has confirmed 275 cases of COVID-19 and reported 205 as recovered. 

In The Blue Mountains, there are three active cases, with 13 cases confirmed to date. In Grey Highlands, there are seven active cases with 29 cases confirmed to date. 

The Grey Bruce Health Unit will enter the yellow zone of the province's COVID-19 Response Framework. The province announced the change on Friday. Yellow restrictions will apply for at least 28 days. 

Cumulative case counts for the rest of Grey County are as follows: 

  • Owen Sound: 68 cases, three active 
  • Southgate: 38 cases, 16 active 
  • Meaford: 13 cases, none active
  • West Grey: 17 cases, five active 
  • Hanover: 11 cases, five active 
  • Georgian Bluffs: 2 cases, none active
  • Chatsworth: 1 case, none active