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ADOPT ME: Shy Sammy will warm up in right environment

Seven-year-old dog needs to put on some pounds

CollingwoodToday, in partnership with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.
The Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) pet of the week is Sammy.

Sammy is a beautiful seven-year-old mixed-breed dog, and she is looking for a forever home. She weighs 52 pounds, and the GTHS team says she should gain some extra weight. Her new human/family should try to help her reach a healthier weight goal.

Sammy is a bit of a shy dog, and it can take her some time to warm up to new people and environments. That said, she is a nice, friendly dog who is looking for a home to call her own. Once she is feeling comfortable, she’ll be asking for all the attention she can get.

As she likes going for walks, it is good to know she does well on a leash. One key thing to know about her is she can be a bit picky about being around other dog friends, so slow introductions to new dogs are vital.

The GTHS team feels she would be best if she is the only pet in the household. This includes no cats in the house as she has displayed some prey drive.

If you want to read more about Sammy, visit her profile here.
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